– Selayar Islands, yes, this is one of the ‘premium’ marine tourism in South Sulawesi. This destination is well known with its abundance of coral reefs ecosystem, marine fishes and the beauty of small islands. Islands spread from northern part of Pamatata through Pulau Madu at the southern part.

Talking about Selayar is not complete without mentioning Taka Bonerate Atolls, the biggest atolls in the world together with Suvadiva and Kwajifein in Pasific. Also, Eastern Part and the vibes of Sunari Beach Resort at the western part of Baloiyya or 15 minutes from The City of Selayar, Benteng!

Not only those spot, there are so many destinations inside of Selayar, Thousands, a thousands destination, from coastal area, islands and mountainous area.

Can’t wait to see the magic of Selayar? Check this out!

Writer: K. Azis

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